buns o’ steel

no that’s not my butt…mine is camera shy.  although i gotta say that butt looks exactly like mine!

it’s been a productive couple of days.  i’ve fit in my 45 min of cardio and am managing an 8km walk a night…which takes me an hour and a half.
funny, just last year i wondered how the hell i was going to fit in 20 min of exercise into my life, and now i am dedicating over 2 hours.
when i want something there is just no stopping me.

as you know..i am loving my night walks.  i feel so accomplished.  i feel great actually.
but i gotta tell you…after the 2nd consecutive night…my ass hurts.  not just a little…i mean my ass hurts.
at the end of my walk..it’s like my ass knows it’s almost home and just doesn’t want me to walk one more step.  that…is not so much fun.
i kinda like the ache….tells me that my body is working….and working hard.
but holy ouch!
the sketchers flip flops certainly help.  it’s like walking on a cloud.  would it be wrong to wear those when i get married??  i mean they go with everything!
wedding shoes – check!

talking about ache…i mucked up my shoulder again doing my turbo jam yesterday.  i don’t know if i just didn’t give it enough time to heal…or if i am just a klutz.  i think i am just a klutz.

so now that i am sitting here with a sore butt and a sore shoulder…i am thinking of switching up the days i do work out.  seems two days in a row is perfect for me…and then a day off.  cause today kids….mamma’s sore.
but i am just excited about how sexy mah butt’s gonna be!  woohooo!!

and i leave you with a couple of observations while taking my late night jaunts….

to the lady driving by me with her window rolled down.  the fact that your perfume stopped me dead in my tracks…indicates to me…that perhaps you need to tone it down.  a little goes a long way.

and gentlemen….just because you can go topless…doesn’t mean you should…

annnnd….deodorant never hurt no one.


that is all.

i was gonna save this song for Friday’s blog…but i just couldn’t.
clickety click

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Happy Thursday!!

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