i’ve had a few readers ask me how i can write so much.
you obviously don’t know me 🙂
i’ve also been asked where i get my inspiration.

my life is my inspiration.

since i dedicate at least 99.9% of my time to my health, it’s amazing to me that i haven’t written more!

this is what i do day in and day out.  like breathing, it’s just a part of me.
and so i write.
i write about everything
if you know me in real life…you know that this is not a joke.  i will write about anything and everything if i feel it.
i was born to write…and if i can’t write out my thoughts…well you might as well just kill me
Maybe that’s why i have 3 blogs.  yes 3 lol
i have this one (but of course) 
i also have a personal blog where i write about everything else but my health crusade
and another one which is like an online journal that holds my most sacred thoughts that i don’t care to share with anyone else but me.
never mind the bedside journals i have….i have many.
i always carry paper with me wherever i may go, because i never know when i am going to be inspired to pour my heart out.
as for inspiration?  i find that my best ideas come to me when i am driving….or showering 🙂
now that i have started taking these power walks…my mind is forever “on”
(not like it’s ever off tho)
And so that’s that. 
it may not always be this way.  you know i could go a day or two…or possibly even a week without writing a blog on here.
that is the nature of inspiration
right now i am inspired.  inspired to bee the best i can bee….and writing it all down makes me follow through.
the bonus is that you guys read it with me
anywhoo…have an awesome tuesday!  i am totally gonna kick tuesday’s ass.

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