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monday is kicking MY ass…

i woke up this morning to no water.

apparently they turned it off around 4am.  it’s 2pm right now and i am still waiting.  they said it would be on at 1pm…and again…i am still waiting.

a water main burst…and i am assuming it’s pretty bad.

So i obviously am working from home today.  there is no way in hell i am going to work without a shower looking and smelling  perdy.

and there is no way in hell i am working out without a shower to fall into at the end of it all.

and…i have a headache.  the mother of all headaches.  the kind of headache that has the potential of turning into a nasty migraine.  drugs please!!

So…i ain’t kicking ass yet…Monday apparently is kicking mine…and good.

meh, there’s always Tuesday.

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replenishing my spirit

this weekend was not about carb counting, cardio workouts and power walking….

this weekend was about:

~ late night bbq with the people i love the mostest

~ coffee and cheesecake and awesome conversation

~ early morning road trip with one of my bff’s

~ singing in the car at the top of my lungs

~ laughing till i cried

~ mid day naps

~ late night timmies run

~ throwing on comfies and watching movies on the couch

~ lazy sunday morning

~ walking the dog

~ reading more of the book that is soooooo hard to put down!

~ writing

~ iced coffees

~ chai tea

~ quiet stillness

~ good eatin’

~ relaxing

~ love

it was a perfect weekend.  one where i didn’t have to worry about when i would fit in a work out, or when i would find time to fit in an hour and a half walk.
this weekend i just “was”.  i was tired from the crazy week i had…and so i took it easy…
loving every moment of just bee-ing

i am rejuvenated, awake, energetic and happy.  i am ready to kick this weeks ass.
back to cardio madness tonight!

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