i couldn’t come up with a more creative subject for this entry.  it is what it is i guess!  my brain hurts today…just a warning.
today i wanna talk about chicken.  it’s true.
i’ve been thinking about chicken.  about how i just don’t like it.
if all i could eat meat wise was chicken, i think i would go back to my vegetarian ways.
i am not discriminating against all chicken…just the white meat..and the bones
i think my lack of chicken appreciation comes from od’ing on chicken breast years ago.  it’s all i ever ate.  dry, tasteless meat.  oy.
unless it’s marinated like crazy…or stuffed with something…or yes…breaded…i really don’t want it on my plate.
you will never find me ordering chicken off a menu…anywhere.
I could live a comfortable existance never cooking chicken.  but i do.
some meals just call for it…and in small amounts it’s tolerable.
but there’s another reason i don’t like chicken.  i hate touching raw chicken.  the texture of it makes me kinda sorta wanna vomit.  I do get past that eventually…but it’s still gross.
the worst part of it all…is the bones.  years ago i made my own chicken wings…which required me to cut these thin bones with scissors.  i barely made it through. i seriously got dizzy…light headed.  i cooked the wings…and when they came out of the oven…they went straight into the garbage.  i will never again cook my own wings no matter how much i love them.
and then there is my chicken and lemon potatoes that i used to make.  it called for a whole chicken.  you have to cut the chicken in half, which requires you cutting through bone.  ugh.  disgusting.  i.can’!
So the other day, whilst grocery shopping, i needed chicken breast for my casserole.  all they had was breast with bone in.  nope.  i am not cooking that.  i could not fathom the nastiness.  i called elle bee…and she said she would do it for me.
but it’s not only touching the chicken that grosses me out.  it’s the clean up.  i feel like i have to disinfect everything. i mean even if a cat walks by i am tempted to scrub ’em down with lysol.  my kitchen feels so dirty when i cook with chicken…and i wonder…why even bother.
a couple of years ago i learned that my brother is the same way.  he actually likes to eat the chicken…but refuses to handle it for the same reasons as me.
so these are my thoughts on chicken.
today my ass hurts. lol.  too much walking the night before.
and really…i am just curious.  why do stretch marks not tan??
i gotta stop writing. lol

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