food autism

i made my world famous broccoli and chicken casserole the other night.  ok, ok, maybe not world famous…but just about!
i have, what i like to call…food autism.  I can eat the same thing over and over and over and over…well you get the point.
i rarely ever get sick of eating the same thing…with the exception of eggs.
so yes.  I made this casserole last week….which lasted for a few servings.  when it was gone…i made another one…because i was genuinely jonesing for more.  it’s been gone since Monday.  Society tells me, bee…eat something else…and so i do. (by society i mean elle bee)
but i really just want to make more and more and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and possibly for a snack in between meals.
i blame my family.  really who else is there to blame???  when i went off to college, i didn’t know how to cook for just one person…not even two.  i was accustomed to cooking for a whole family.  and so i continued doing so, managing to eat the same thing for a whole week (and not getting remotely sick of it)
for example, i would cook two boxes of kraft dinner back in college.  why????  i mean it made no sense…but it lasted and i enjoyed it…and never got sick of eating it.
don’t get me wrong.  i love food.  i love to eat.  if you made me choose just one meal….i’d die.
all i am saying is i get “stuck” on one…and normally need to be gently persuaded to the next meal of choice.
i think my next meal(s) should be chili….i can always eat chili.  (i am sending out subliminal messages to elle bee…she makes a kick ass chili lol)
any weird food things going on in your world?

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