oh, just a little

dangerous words.  and an even more dangerous thought.
i find that i have been saying that lately.  “ok, i’ll just have a little bit…besides i am working out tonight”
trying to justify a slight cheat with the fact that i am working out.
that’s never worked before, so why am i to think it will work now?
because i get cocky.  i think we all do.  i have been at this for about 5 months now.  I am obviously feeling the rewards that my new lifestyle has brought.  I am feeling healthier, prettier, more energetic…and now apparently i am feeling cocky.
this happened to me the last time i was low carbing.  i got to a point where i was very happy with my results and allowed myself the “luxury” of eating this or that…
a little bit here and there…turned into a whole meal here and there to a totally high carb existance.
before i knew it i was sucking in my gut to do up my pants…buying bigger sizes…and honestly could not put two and two together.  i had no idea where this weight gain was coming from!
I am fortunate that i can recognize this behaviour now…before i start feeling it in my waist size.
Sure, you can say i am being pretty hard on myself…cause even i think i am.  I am stressing over a small piece of sour dough bread.  it’s not so much the “slip” that is bothering me because i do work hard, and i work out hard.  it’s the pattern that i am recognizing.
i have been here before.
here’s to recognizing a behaviour and working through it.

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