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sweet jesus

yesterday was a day.
talk about will power at its finest.
so there was a meeting here, and of course there was a room full of sweet sugary delights.
at the end of the meeting, the leftovers came out of the room and were free for the taking.
i could smell the donuts long before i even knew there were donuts.
i kept smelling “cake” and it was driving me insane.
my nose is never wrong.
anyways…about an hour later i found ’em…at the other end of the office.
because i enjoy to torture myself so…i opened the lid on the timmies box..just to see.
there was a honey dip…and a butterscotch dip donut screaming my name.
i hesitated for a moment…but walked away.
thank you – no applause, just throw money 🙂
i walked by the box a few more times…i wanted to cave in soooo bad.
after all i am a hormonal nightmare at the moment.
i did the next best thing.  i called my sweet tooth bff over….and he ate the donut i was eyeballing.  i lived vicariously through him.
he enjoyed it very much lol
then…i noticed that we had white hot chocolate in the office.  only my favourite hot chocolate in the world.
so i convinced my bff to make a cup…and again…i lived vicariously through him.
he was doing me a favour…ya know, ridding the office of the badness for the sake of lil ol’ me
ahhhh….i made it till the end of the day.
but…i was jonesing…jonesing in a serious way.
i wanted to pick up a dozen donuts and shove ’em down my throat.  followed by a bowl of fruit loops.
what is that!!!!!
so elle bee made me some incredible, amazing, tastalicious dessert that indeed is carb friendly.
i took a picture of it…so i could tease and taunt you all lol…but alas my camera is at home.
picture this…
a parfait…layered with:
chocolate pudding, strawberries….and pecans that were lightly toasted and drizzled in chocolate (bakers chocolate – zero carbs)
layer after layer after sweet yummy goodness layer
topped with whipped cream
heaven’s got nothing on that.  i wouldn’t mind a taste of that again tonight (ahem, hint hint)
it satisfied my hormonal need for sugar and sweetness and badness….
it was delish.
mmmm mmmm good!!!
here’s to hoping no one decides to bring more donuts in today.
I am hormonal and have a stapler…i am not afraid to use it.

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yup, that’s what i did this weekend
i indulged.
i had an awesomely amazing weekend!!!
it was busy busy but fun!
we spent a day at the beach and i got completely sunkissed…from head to toe.
it was beautiful out there….
and so after a day of sun and swimming and good company….i was starved.
i had onion rings.
we went to one of elle bee’s bars on Saturday and met up with some of my yummy friends.
i decided to have a couple of Ceasars…and man oh man they were yummy.  i haven’t had a Ceasar since last year…totally unacceptable!
i also managed to nibble a bite or two of pizza at the end of the night 🙂
hardly anything worth beating myself up over…
but it was totally off plan.
woke up the next morning and did it allllll over again.
spent the day with yummy people…had a couple of not so low carb beers and a yummy dinner.
lots of laughing, love and sun.
and so it’s back to the same ol’ same ol’ today….and i am good with that.
i am not going to be a food nazi anymore….
if i choose to have a couple of things that are off plan once and a while…i am going to enjoy them rather than feel guilty.
isn’t that what life’s all about anyways?  enjoying??
man what a summer.  say it ain’t over!

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vacation day

’tis true 🙂

after over a month of working my butt off and covering other people’s vacation…i decided to take today off!
yay me!

What am i doing on the computer?  don’t worry i won’t be here long.

I am going to have a late breakie, early lunch of berries and whipped cream, then i am going to work out…then go by the water and get sun kissed…then i am off to hang out with people i adore and have a bbq and beer (low carb).  ahhhh, sweet!!!!

this weekend is a busy one.  full of good food, water, beaches and bikinis!!
can i get a woot woot!

i ran into a woman who lives in my building.  i have known her for over a decade, but over the past couple of years i haven’t seen her much.  anyways, i called over to her and her facial expression was the best.  she asked me if i lost alot of weight…because she didn’t even recognize me!!!!  SCORE.

Many years ago we were talking and she said to me “you fat” and that inspired me to lose a shit load of weight then….so this was awesome.

I am also proud to announce….that for the first time yesterday….as i was laying in the tub after a 5 mile walk…. i can see my 6 pack trying to burst through the 2-4 i am lugging around.

Oh happy day 🙂

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my body

i’ve realized that i am pretty tough on my body.  i think alot of us are. 
i am not talking about pushing my body during a work out.  i am talking about being critical, hard, unfair…aesthetically.
no my body is not what it used to be…and really….should it be?
we age.  things don’t stay the same….gravity hits 🙂
On Sunday i was sitting on my balcony right before we left for the fundraiser.
across the way i saw a woman in a wheel chair, pulling along a trolley full of trash.  she made her way to the bin and carefully threw each bag of garbage over her head and in to the bin.  i held my breath with each toss…
Such a simple thing.  taking your trash out.
i take for granted how absolutely wonderful my body is.  How blessed i am to be able to wake up in the morning…and have my body do exactly what my brain wants it to do.
that i can walk downstairs and throw away my trash.
that my vessel is still amazingly awesome and can do just about anything
(although i am afraid i can’t do cart wheels anymore lol)
i’ve got to remember that more often when i am feeling sorry for myself.
the fact that i have been blessed with such a healthy body should be enough.
Happy Hump Day kids

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Houston, we have a problem

***WARNING – this post has a lot of graphic content.  if you have a weak stomach and a soft spot for animals (like me) this post is probably not for you…oh….and if you are eating lunch…shut this blog down!***
Ok, you’ve been warned!
I don’t even know where to begin with this blog today.  All i know is that 24hrs later  I am still grossed.right.out.
If you are an avid reader of this blog…you know that my eating lifestyle choice is low carb.  Not that low carb cannot be done vegetarian style, but most of the food I consume is meat.
So what’s the problem?? 
well i am kinda off meat.  not willingly…it just seems that my body does not want anything to do with meat.
well…it’s got a hell of a lot to do with my drive into work yesterday.
I was driving on the highway, minding my business….heading into the office….
when the guy in front of me accidentally hit an animal.
this happens all the time on our highways…and each time i see a dead animal on the side of the road it reallllllly affects me.
it’s just how i’m wired…just knowing how these poor things died really bothers me.
Coons seem to be the most common victims.
poor babies.
anyways back to my original point….
this guy in front of me hit this animal…of course it was not intentional…you are going at speeds of 100km’s or more…there’s just no control.
but what i didn’t expect to happen was to be on the receiving end of this animal….all over my car.
it was horrifying. actually it was beyond horrifying. 
my wipers couldn’t work fast enough…my brain was on hold…i don’t know how i didn’t run myself off the road.
it was absolutely horrifying what came flying on to my windshield.
i won’t even go into detail…cause i am sure no one wants to read about that.
i couldn’t even stand being in my car after i left work.  i kept getting body shudders…visualizing everything over and over and over again.
the car is washed.  the image in my head… not so much.
which poses a huge problem for me at the moment….
i can’t even look at meat…never mind eat it
i am hoping this is something i will over come…however in the meantime
i am saying no to the chicken….and hello to the cheese.

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god help me

the picture should speak volumes as to how i am feeling!
what the hell is wrong with me????
6:30am, i got a sudden craving for brownies.  i kinda pushed it from my head…and a couple of hours later it was my strongest thought.
but it doesn’t end there…no it sure doesn’t.
from out of nowhere…an Eatmore took over my head…which lead me to a peanut buster parfait from dairy queen…to a strong need for a mcflurry with smarties and oreos.
and of course a chocolate milk…
then there were the white chocolate chip cookies from subway….and a joe louis.
which then reminded me how good wagon wheels tasted.
what is wrong with me?
this from a girl who doesn’t even like sweets….who never craves them unless i am extremely hormonal…which i am not.
what gives???
someone, quick, pass me a salad stat!

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everywhere, changes! 
but lets just keep to the point today 🙂 i’ll save my ramblings for next door!
i am here to publicly announce….that i have been thinking…quite silently
of renouncing my title of Wonder Woman.
i know, i know…shocker.
i went for my walk last night.  what was different about it this time was that i skipped my turbo jam. 
insert sad disappointed face right here
but you know what? i don’t feel absolutely spent today.  i don’t feel like i am gonna die!
who knew?
so since i am on a change kick…i think i am going to change up my working out routine..yes again!
I have decided for the time being i will not do both in one day.  it’s either turbo jam or 8ks (and hopefully going to 10k)
i mean i can do both in one day…and i can do it all over again the next day…
but then i spend 2 days…recovering…nursing my sore, sore body. 
so what benefits am i getting there?
I talked it out…and i think i will alternate days.
so one week i walk 3 times a week and the following i walk 2 days…etc etc etc
and then i will legally have weekends off.
still haven’t figured if i should have a day off mid week.
who knew this was so much mental work??
I am also thinking about increasing my turbo jam work out to 65 minutes
if i won’t be walking those days
so, 45 minutes cardio and then a 20 min ab workout.
yikes.  so much change!!!
i’m interested to see how next week pans out.
as my bff has said…i will always be wonder woman
just a slower, older one.
so, the title’s still mine kids.  i spent years earning it 🙂
on to not so related news….i was gifted with tomatoes from a friends garden.
mmm mmm mmm
can’t wait to sink my teeth into those!
happy thursday (did i ever tell you thursday’s are my most favourite day of the week?)
yay thursdays!!!

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the cat whisperer

this is George.  isn’t he a handsome brute?  ok, so i named him George.  i don’t know his real name or if he is a she…all i know is that he/she is damn cute!

i was going for my walk…i’m doing a good pace, heart rate is up…and there is this cat…just down the street.
all of a sudden he comes running at me.  i don’t know whether he is getting ready to make me his personal scratching post or just wants love.
so i stop.
he gets to my feet and starts purring and drops…exposing his belly.
ahhh…he wants love.
who am i to say no??
so i stay a while and love him up…all the while he meows and purrs and poses for my blackberry.
i’d say 5 minutes passed…i put my ear buds back in and said goodbye.
well doesn’t he follow me.  not only follow me but almost trips me….meowing all the while.  we went a good block and he just wasn’t leaving my side.
so i turned around.  i know cats have an awesome sense of where they are…but he just seemed so young…i was afraid if he followed me he wouldn’t remember how to get home.
so back i went with George at my heels…stopping and dropping for the occasional belly rub.
we got back to where i assumed he lived.
i told him to “stay”, “sit”…my apologies…i thought he was a dog.
but he wouldn’t.
oh my.
he was pulling at my heart strings…big time.  i wanted to smoosh him up and take him home with me…but he was well taken care of…and loved by someone else
besides…i so do not need a cat.
i kinda made a sound to scare him so he wouldn’t follow me…and felt bad that perhaps i was a bit too mean.
but he stayed and i felt good that he was safe.

so not only did i get some sweet cat lovin’, but got some extra walking time in.

thanks George, see you next time!

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yup. that’s exactly how i’ve been feeling. just bleh. i feel like my body is working really hard on fighting some sort of nasty bug.
at least it’s fighting it and not giving in. who wants to be sick in the summer? well anytime really.

I feel like an 18 wheeler ran me over, then put on it’s reverse “beep” and ran me over again for good measure.
I’ve been having moments of feeling like Linda Blair in the Exorcist…as if my head was spinning round and round…and i don’t even want to talk about the nausea.
maybe it was a combination of too much sun, early mornings, go go go days. who knows.
oy vay.
woe is me.
So i haven’t really been inspired to inspire. i have been going to bed soooo unusually early…so i have been neglectful to some of my friends – i’m sorry.
i was going to go home and nap yesterday…but instead we went out for dinner…and then some shopping.
wooohoooo!!! nothing like some retail therapy to make a girl smile 🙂

So whatever this thing inside me is…it can kindly go away now. kthanxbai!
i have a kick ass evening ahead of me and don’t need anything bringing me down.
this week is supposed to be gorgeous weather wise…i don’t want to waste a minute of it being “yucky” and unproductive.

happy tuesday!

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