hurtin’ unit

i really am.
i had no idea how sore a body could get…and believe me…it can get sore
last night was my night off…not like i really had a choice
my body was clearly telling me to slow down.  and so i did.  i had the most relaxing night.
honestly…i was kind of antsy…cause my mind wanted to work out
it was just my body that would not move.
my shoulder is feeling a lot better…so i thought tonight…i would do my 45 min of cardio.
apparently that’s not going to happen.
i acutally feel worse today.  the soreness has doubled…every step i take is an effort
it’s funny…to watch me i’m sure.  cause normally i am the coolest chick i know…so trying to walk all normal and not looking cool…is unheard of.
but today i think i am uncool.  even my coworker pointed that out.
it’s ok…giving up cool for a day is a sacrafice i can make…cause that’s how i roll.
speaking of rolling..i don’t know how many times i woke up in the middle of the night because just the mere act of moving a limb woke me up in pain.
i guess walking approx 12 km’s in 2 days was too much ehh?
no working out tonight…again.  i guess i will just have to go pick up an iced coffee and sit by the lake and relax 🙂
hurtin’ unit indeed.

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