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hurtin’ unit

i really am.
i had no idea how sore a body could get…and believe me…it can get sore
last night was my night off…not like i really had a choice
my body was clearly telling me to slow down.  and so i did.  i had the most relaxing night.
honestly…i was kind of antsy…cause my mind wanted to work out
it was just my body that would not move.
my shoulder is feeling a lot better…so i thought tonight…i would do my 45 min of cardio.
apparently that’s not going to happen.
i acutally feel worse today.  the soreness has doubled…every step i take is an effort
it’s funny…to watch me i’m sure.  cause normally i am the coolest chick i know…so trying to walk all normal and not looking cool…is unheard of.
but today i think i am uncool.  even my coworker pointed that out.
it’s ok…giving up cool for a day is a sacrafice i can make…cause that’s how i roll.
speaking of rolling..i don’t know how many times i woke up in the middle of the night because just the mere act of moving a limb woke me up in pain.
i guess walking approx 12 km’s in 2 days was too much ehh?
no working out tonight…again.  i guess i will just have to go pick up an iced coffee and sit by the lake and relax 🙂
hurtin’ unit indeed.

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a family affair

my parents are coming back from their vacation today!
i gotta say i am pretty excited…i’ve actually missed them quite a bit.
(i’m as shocked as you are lol).

I haven’t seen my dad since mid May…and i saw my mom 6 weeks ago when i dropped her off at the airport so she could go meet up with him.
this is the longest i have ever gone not seeing them…
well except one other time…but that’s not a story for here.

so you know what this means right?

i have gone over 2 months without a real home cooked meal.  you know, only the kind that your parents can make.
my parents will be jet lagged but on a high to see us again…and my mom will for certain slave away in the kitchen all day…
and my dad will be the keeper of the BBQ.
he will also probably make my two favourite greek salads (he only does that when he reallllly misses me…it’s actually quite cute) and he will be sure to cook my steak medium rare, even tho the rest of the family eats theirs well done…and he thinks “undercooked” meat is disgusting.
it’s the little things he does for me…makes me know for certain, that even at my age…i will always be daddy’s little girl.
he takes pride in feeding his family…probably as much as my mom does.

and you know what?  i’d say about 80% of what they cook is totally on my plan.
so there is going to be good eatin’ this weekend.
never mind that when they cook…they cook for an army….so there will be leftovers for me to bring home!!
all my family will be there….which means i get to hang out with the girl i love the most…my niece.
we will eat, laugh, drink and celebrate….we will also celebrate the newest baby in the family!
i realized over the past couple of days that i am really fortunate to have this life…to have my family…even tho they piss me off a lot

i haven’t seen them for so long…that i wonder if they will notice the changes in me…
for some reason that i cannot explain, my mothers opinion of me takes up more space in my head than i care to admit.
one “off” comment and i could be broken for days.  it’s true.
i am pretty sure she won’t comment on my weight…i mean i am over 2 sizes smaller than the last time she saw me.
actually i know she won’t…it’s impossible really…  but you can’t blame a girl for having her concerns.
i paint a not so pretty picture…but the truth is…she will see me…run to me…throw her arms around me and kiss my face off.
she’ll tell me she missed me…and that i look beautiful.  she’ll hold on to me for a good 5 minutes and even stroke my face and squeeze the crap outta me.
this is my mom.  she is a total mom.
the older i get…i realize how blessed i am to have such a loving, affectionate mom.

my dad will hug and kiss me and tell me i look good and then grab me a beer 🙂
and if he reallllly missed me…he will go out of his way to get me my low carb beer.

never mind the presents that will be waiting for me!  woooohooo!!!
since i am addicted to my camera…there will be pictures.

it’s going to be an awesome long weekend!!!

i see bikinis, sun, water, friends, family, birthday lovin’, and karaoke rockin’, chair dancin’ in my near future.
i’m so not done with summer yet!!

so have an awesome long weekend all….
this song seems like a good way to start…at least for me it does ha!
clickety click here

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