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one multigrained bun
only one.

i got ahead of myself…way ahead of myself.
thought all would be well in my world…after all it’s multi grain right?

sometimes i forget…that my body is not equipped for that
even multi grain
it just can’t handle it.

oy vay.  it’s going to be a long afternoon.

on to other news…my blog next door is up and running

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walking on sunshine

i need an off button.  i am so go big or go home….i gotta find a happy medium.
apparently walking is my new “thing”
since i hurt my shoulder i had to find another way to get some physical exercise…and so walking it is.
i love it actually. 
i took a walk through residential areas and saw about a million homes i wanted to buy lol
i left while it was still light out so i felt brave enough to listen to my ipod.  i got a few interesting stares…apparently i use my outside voice…loudly…and sing along. 
hey…i am nothing if i am not entertaining.

so my goal was an hour and a half.  i had no idea how long my mapped out route would take but i did want to at least be walking for an hour and a half.  i was completely bang on.  i was one minute over my goal time.  wow.

i was wearing my pedometer…i love looking at how many steps i’ve taken!!  not only that, it also shows me the distance.
Sooooo….last night i walked almost 8km’s.  For my american peeps…that’s about 5 miles.  I almost got to my 10,000 step goal too.  I took 9857 steps to be exact. lol I don’t know if that’s good or bad…but it was good for me.
it was an awesome night weather wise…a soft breeze…perfect.

as i neared my house…i will be honest with you…  i kind of wish someone came by and offered to carry me home.  i was already sore from my walk the day before….at this point…it felt like my ass was going to fall off.  no joke. 
fall off.
who knew your ass had so many muscles?!
not only was it a struggle to get home…but when i got home i still had a dog to walk…that was pleasant!

today is a rest day.  i could barely walk from my house to my car this morning…so i pretty much have no choice but to take it easy tonight.
i could totally use an ass rub down 🙂

oh…and i saw my bunny again!!  i think there is a love affair blooming.  i have affectionately named him “dood”. 
i love him.
i figure one day he may just let me pet him.
i took a picture with my blackberry…so the quality is pretty crap…but here is my latest love interest.

if you are in the least bit interested in what song was my my blow out performance yesterday…do click here

Happy Thursday kids!!
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