1000 pound woman

most of you have heard of her…if not, this might make your toes curl.

A woman from New Jersey, who is currently 600 pounds, has set a goal to weigh 1000 pounds.

Donna Simpson is a 42 year old mother of two.  Her youngest being 3 years old.  Here she is.

She gives herself 2 years to gain the additional 400 pounds, by consuming over 12 000 calories a day.  She spends approximately 750 dollars a week on groceries to support this goal.
To earn her money she has her own fetish website, where men pay to watch her eat and bathe etc.
Different strokes for different folks.

It is so very hard not to be disgusted.

It’s obvious that this woman will take the attention wherever she can get it.
But my concern does not lie with her.
My concern is those children.

What kind of role model is this woman for her children?  what message is she sending to them about body image, health, self respect, morals etc.
It’s one thing if you don’t give a rats ass about yourself, but what about those children???

Who will take care of these children when this woman dies from all the health complications she is bringing on to HERSELF.  Who will be there to hold their grief?
Does she not want to be around to raise them?

Is this not some form of child abuse?  Are there any laws in place to stop her?

It’s like the lady who lives beside me.  Her boyfriend beats the shit out of her all the time.  the cops have been called a million times….and each and every time this woman defends him…and he does not get taken away.
Fine.  if she wants to defend him..all the power to her…but…and this is a very big but…this woman has four children.  Do these kids not have a voice in all of this?  if the cops have been called so many times…do the police not have some sort of legal obligation to remove him from the home and investigate?
what message is this woman sending to her children?  is she telling her sons that it’s ok to put your hands on a woman?  is she teaching her only daughter…that this is the way relationships are….and paving a road of abuse for her?

oh man i went off on a rant…i’m sorry.  but this really pisses me off.
Thank god i am getting a mani and pedi tonight..de-stress 🙂

Good luck there Donna Simpson.  It’s apparent you don’t give a crap about yourself…but what a wonderful human being you are dragging your children down with you.
kudos to you.

if you want to read more click here

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