taking back the night

those of you who know me know….that i am a night creature
i love the night
the night is when i feel most awake, most energetic, most creative
i always do my best writing at night.
when i was younger (and stupid) i would go for long walks
i would wander over to the lake at 2am…and just walk.
i would never do that today…as i get older, the fear of what could happen is very real.
I would take my cocker spaniel for long walks…even though he was cute and small…i still felt safe with him for my late night walks.
and then he passed away…and slowly the late night walks ended.
i’ve been walking lately…with elle bee and the puppy…and have realized how much i miss it
walking in the night…when things are quiet…
and so last night i did it on my own.
well not on my own…but with the dog.
My dog is 11.  she trips over her own legs…she doesn’t see that great and her hearing is not so hot either.
Basically if i were in any sort of trouble…i would be SOL.
But you know what?  she’s a dalmatian.  if i didn’t know her…i wouldn’t mess with her!
oddly enough i feel extremely safe with her beside me…i took my cell with me just incase.
So we went for a walk.  it felt awesome.  it was a 40 min walk…but if she wasn’t with me i am sure i could have done it in half an hour…
she certainly taught me patience and how important it is to take it easy and stop to smell the roses (or other dog pee)
it was great.
i then came home and just relaxed…feeling accomplised.
a 45 minute work out and a 40 min walk.
i reclaimed the night…and it feels amazing!!!

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