if the shoe fits…

it’s no secret i am a shoe whore.
i can admit it.
the only thing that separates me from the hard core shoe whores is money
i do have some self control.  some.
you know those pumas i bought a month ago…cause i had to have them and they were way outta my budget???  i wore them for half a day.  they started to give me blisters.  i have yet to try them on again.
I’ll also admit i own crocs.  yeah that’s right.  i hated crocs.  i mean they are fuuggggly….however one day i caved and tried them on…and it was a little orgasmic.  i ain’t gonna lie.  i couldn’t believe how comfortable they were!
however…i wear my crocs in the house…or walking my dog in the back field. i promise you, you won’t see me partying like a rock star with them on.
So…then i saw these.
Have you heard of them?  the sketchers shape ups???  Pretty ugly huh??  I thought so too.  But of course i was intrigued and tried them on.  Holy freaking comfortable…and they are actually kinda cute..in an ugly way.
these shoes apparently work your core, tone your butt and legs and help improve your posture.  i don’t know if that’s just a bunch of crap…but it intrigued me none the less.  you mean i can get a hard ass while walking and lose belly fat???  I’M IN!!!
Aha….but i have yet to buy those shoes.  one, they are way too expensive…and two, it’s summer.  I refuse to shove my beautifuly pedicured feet into socks and shoes.  i fight the cold weather as long as humanly possible…and usually give in around late november early december…you know…when it feels like my toes are gonna fall off.
I don’t even turbo jam with shoes on.  i just love being barefoot.  so the closest thing to being barefoot…is flip flops.
So imagine my complete and utter joy when elle bee gifted me with these yesterday!!!!
these are sketchers tone ups!  talk about encouraging me to go for more walks and get my exercise in!  thank you elle bee…you totally rock my socks (if i wore socks of course)
so yesterday i managed to fit in a work out and took my flip flops for a test walk late in the evening.  i gotta tell you…they are soooo comfortable!!!!
yay me!!!!
fall is on it’s way…and i still have those sketcher shape ups on my brain.  it could happen.
Do any of you have them?  do they work?  do you love them?
talk to me!
So this has been stuck in my head for days…go ahead…get your chair dance on!  click here

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