a special post – pics :)

i am posting this here…because i know you read this blog
AND i know you’re gonna love this

dear auntie j,

sorry it’s taken me so long to say thanks for picking out my dress.  you were right it totally brings out my eyes.  I think i look absolutely adorable but mom and auntie bee said i will look even more adorable in this next year. pfft like that’s even possible 🙂
I wanted to get the pics to auntie bee sooner…but hey, i’m not even 2 yet, gimme a break!
What do you think about my dress?

I’m cute huh?

And then auntie bee put this around my neck and i danced around cause i felt like a princess!!

I tried to put it around auntie bee but she just kept giving me googly eyes.  i think she kinda sorta loves me crazy.

it’s ok…cause you know what?  i’m pretty sure i love her crazy too!

Thanks again auntie j for picking out such a rockin’ dress!  i’ll make sure auntie bee takes a picture again next year


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