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i had a bit of an a-ha moment this weekend.

since i was going to the beach this weekend…it gave me an excuse to go shopping 🙂
what’s a girl to do?

Anyways…i went to my favourite store…see if i could find anything….and of course my eyes went straight to the hoodies (i love my hoodies!) i know, i know…totally not beach wear but a girl wants what a girl wants!

I tried on one…i thought size wise it was sure to fit…and it didn’t.  it was way too big.
Oh well..who needs a hoodie in july anyways.  I didn’t see anything else i liked…other than flip flops.  The women’s stuff just wasn’t cute and beachy…and really…alot of the good stuff was sold out.

We wandered over to the boys section and i always find that the kids section has the cutest stuff.  I was bouncing around the boys section like an idiot joking around that i was gonna buy these boys t-shirts cause they were damn cute.  Dancing around, holding them against me…i jokingly asked if they would fit.
they did fit…they were too big so i had to go down a size.
I bought 2.

I’ve been bummed lately…feeling like i wasn’t going anywhere, i saw no changes in my body…i felt no differently….and there i was shopping in the boys section.
Talk about a reality check.

4 weeks ago i bought a bikini for my vacation, because i had a coronary when i tried my older one.
i am sure you all remember that post.

So anyways…when we got home elle bee thought it would be a brilliant idea for me to try on the old one.
Why???  why did she want to see me cry???
there was no way it was going to fit…i stomped my feet for emphasis…and then went into the room and pulled it out.

it fit.

dare i say it was even loose around my chest.  the girls were in no threat of popping out and greeting the world.  It.fit.
My itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, white calvin klein bikini.
So i tried on my chocolate brown…and it was loose.
Then for good measure i tried on my shorts i wore 5 years ago…that didn’t fit 4 weeks ago…and i spent today wearing them in public 🙂

So here is my aha moment.
I am losing weight.  I am doing this so well…so right…that i am losing at such a slow and constant pace.  so of course i won’t see it.
Your body changes as you get older.  you don’t lose weight like you used to…or as easily.

I think i am almost done trying to lose weight (said in a hushed whisper)

As i age, my problem is toning…now it’s up to the exercise….i just have to be very regimented and consistent…and victory will be mine!

i am losing weight…and i am losing it so differently than before…losing it in different places…a different pace.

They say the mirror doesn’t lie.  But i don’t see a huge difference in my physique…
To me…it’s the clothes that don’t lie.

I am on my way kids…and i’ve never felt better.
I am sun kissed…i am loved….i am happy

Life is sweet.

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a special post – pics :)

i am posting this here…because i know you read this blog
AND i know you’re gonna love this

dear auntie j,

sorry it’s taken me so long to say thanks for picking out my dress.  you were right it totally brings out my eyes.  I think i look absolutely adorable but mom and auntie bee said i will look even more adorable in this next year. pfft like that’s even possible 🙂
I wanted to get the pics to auntie bee sooner…but hey, i’m not even 2 yet, gimme a break!
What do you think about my dress?

I’m cute huh?

And then auntie bee put this around my neck and i danced around cause i felt like a princess!!

I tried to put it around auntie bee but she just kept giving me googly eyes.  i think she kinda sorta loves me crazy.

it’s ok…cause you know what?  i’m pretty sure i love her crazy too!

Thanks again auntie j for picking out such a rockin’ dress!  i’ll make sure auntie bee takes a picture again next year


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