hot and bothered

we are going through another heat wave in the city
hot hot hot.
i think yesterday we hit almost 40 degrees with the humidity…for my american peeps that’s like 104.
there is something completely wrong with hanging out all day with a space heater on cause it’s just too airconditioned…to walking outdoors and almost not being able to breathe.  i am surprised i am not sick (knock on wood)
i am not a fan of sweating.  who is really?  thank god i am not a sweaty gal 🙂
there are only two occassions where sweating is acceptable and welcomed…and one would be working out.
I had a kick ass work out yesterday.  I pushed myself quite hard and it felt amazing.  I think i may have pulled an ovary – you think i kid…but i kid not…cause that’s what it feels like today
my body is sore…all in a good way.
there is nothing more satisfying than working up a sweat….cause you know you are just working yourself to the max…and then hopping into a nice cold shower.
I sound almost sexual about my workouts!
Because my brain is never off…i was thinking as i was working out…(shocker i know)
how sometimes i am in the mood for a work out…and sometimes not at all.
how if i am stressed, or pissed off or simply annoyed, i work out harder…like i take out all my aggression in my cardio work out.  and i feel sooo much better afterwards.
when i am in a great mood…when life is shiney and happy full of butterflies and rainbows…i still work out…but not with the same intensity.
my work outs are hugely based on my emotions. 
like writing.
(my aha moment kids!)
sometimes i am beyond passionate when i write…like i can’t get the words out of me fast enough…and then once i am done…i feel worlds better…like i can once again breathe.
when i am feeling all giggles and shit…sure i can write…but it’s not with the same intensity…not the same urgency.
one in the same me thinks.
lately i’ve been writing a hell of a lot…and working out alot.
and this is what i discoverd while getting my turbo jam on.
just sayin’
have an awesome weekend!  i think i will be pulling out the bikini….and letting the sun just adore me.

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