google me this

have you ever?

googled yourself that is.

i have.
once and a while i like to see what’s going on in the world and if it involves me. (cause it’s all about me you know)

I am currently sitting on my balcony, sipping on a glass of wine…and just googled me 🙂

Anyways i google my real name, my nick names that i use on my message boards…blogs etc.
it’s amazing the stuff that comes up.
I have found people taking some of my blog entries and claiming them as their own.  some people i confronted….and some i did not.  i find it extremely rude that someone takes ownership over my thoughts and feelings…but hey…the web is not my bed side journal…i suppose anything goes, whether i like it or not.  one person who stole one of my entries, i left a comment with a link to my blog with the exact same entry and it clearly showed mine was written years before.  i don’t know why but that post came down rather fast!
I have found people discussing me…hello this is the internet…if you have secrets, don’t put ’em on the world wide web!!  anyways…this specific one was all fictional…but entertaining to read none the less.  funny what the human brain can do.

so now…out of sheer curiosity i googled this blog.  of course i come up…but…someone else comes up too.
it’s odd…and i don’t know what to make of it.
i was going to post the link here…but i don’t know if i want to draw too much attention to this guys blog.

my blog is clearly about health and weight loss and low carbing…so i wonder why a bikini  post or a blog about my cat ends up on a “gaming” blog?
when i go to his blog…it seems legit…although in all honesty i haven’t spent too much time checking it out.  seems there is more to it than gaming.
but i would say i have seen 5-6 of my entries with reference to his blog.

health/weight loss and then gaming
if you are curious enough you can google and probably see the same thing i do.

have you found anything weird on google linked to your name?

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