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dining out

i love going out for dinner.
just love it.
if i could afford to go out every single night and meet up with people over dinner
i would do it in a heart beat
sure…i would probably tire of it eventually…i do like cooking for people…but that’s not really my point.
i headed into the city last night for a dinner meet up.  I love taking the train into the city.  I bypass the congested highways during rush hour, get into the heart of the city in minutes…without the stress of traffic and crazy expensive parking.
there is something about going out for dinner.  especially in the summer.
sitting on the patio, enjoying the heat..a cold beer and great company.  it’s the ambiance i am especially attracted to in the city.
there’s also the crazies…like the homeless guy who asked me for a smoke…and when i said i didn’t have any got all crazy aggressive and was yelling “liar” at me…
or the dood who told me i shouldn’t dress so hot cause he was already burning up…or the dood who stared at me through my whole dinner.  like an uncomfortable stare…where he shoulda just invited himself to sit on my lap…cause really…it seemed like he wanted to be at our table lol
i have pretty much mastered the art of low carb ordering while i am out for dinner.  when i first started this years ago it made me feel very uncomfortable asking for things to be changed to accomodate me.  i’ve realized no one really cares how you want your food…and now it’s just second nature to me.
we had to wait about an hour for our table but we got to hang out on the patio and have a drink and catch up.  i asked the bartender what low carb beer she had and she mentioned one i had never heard of before…made by a local brewery.  i asked her twice…cause i wanted to make sure…and she assured me that it was low carb. 
Once we got our table and our waiter came to take our drink order…i wanted another beer…and asked for that one…and the waiter told me that it was not low carb…at all.
Sooooo i more than likely consumed all my carb allowance in one beer…and then some.
oh well…it’s not like it was done on purpose…these are the risks you take when you are out and about and not at home where you are the one responsible for the things that enter your home for consumption.
a wonderful evening was had by all.  but i am tired today mamma.  two late nights in a row…it gets to this ol’ girl.

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kitties from heaven?

no, this post has nothing to do with health, or food.

this is the brain of the bee…just a random post…from a very random girl (dat’s me!)

I am more than just a carb watching, calorie burning, turbo jamming sexy beast.  i also have a brain…and it never shuts off.
to know me, is to love the randomness that is me!

like i have said before, i have another blog where i post all my randomness…but i thought it would be nice if i gave you guys a peek into me here…especially if this is the only blog you come to.  there is so much more to me than the stuff i consume…than the workouts…but meh i am rambling.

It’s late and i just got in from another awesome evening…which reminded me of the awesomeness that ensued yesterday.

I was hanging out with one of my friends..just relaxing and talking …on the couch…when i felt like we weren’t alone.
I felt like we were being watched…like someone or something was watching me from the balcony.
That would indeed be possible…if i didn’t live 11 stories high….but anyways…

I looked out and there was a set of eyes staring back at me.  i think i peed a bit.  As i looked closer…those eyes belonged to a cat.  that sent me into complete panic mode…i thought one of my 3 somehow got out.  all my guys were accounted for…this cat was not mine.

Of course..my mind was completely floored.  what the hell???  is this a sign….did god…whoever that may be…place a kitten there just for me…as a gift…to replace the loss i was dealing with (seriously, i thought this)
God had sent me a gift!!!
I sat for a moment and took it all in and it dawned on me….it wasn’t god…it was the neighbours.

I have new neighbours…and our balconies are connected.  duh.

So i went out there sllloooowly.  the last thing i wanted to do was scare a kitty that high up.  he was so friendly..let me scoop him up and smoosh him.

The issue was getting him in the apartment without freaking him out.  there were 3 cats and a dog watching us…this would not be fun.  oh…and my friend?  absolutely not helpful.  zero. lol

A gazillion scratches and tufts of fur later…i got him into the hallway and to his front door.

Being new neighbours…and being late in the evening, i understood why missus leave your cat on the balcony didn’t want to answer her door…i yelled for her to please open her door…before i lost both my eyes…and as she did the cat flew in to the apartment.
She was thankful…and just laughed it off.  ya know, it’s not so funny leaving your cat on a balcony that’s 11 stories up.  nuh-uh

So maybe my theory wasn’t that far fetched at all.  maybe…just maybe it was a kitty from heaven…sent just for me to hug him and kiss him and call him george.

or not.

see…random.  random random bee 🙂

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