seriously? gross!!

i found this on a message board i frequent:

seriously.  did you read the cans???  these are sandwiches IN A CAN!!!!!

How gross and disgusting is this??  I am wondering how absolutely lazy we have become as people that a sandwich in a can sounds like a good idea???

Never mind what they must put in that to keep the bread from going soggy etc.

Seriously.  i am grossed.right.out.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

And have a happy Hump Day 🙂 lol

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4 thoughts on “seriously? gross!!

  1. Bobbie

    If you did a little reading on the subject, you would know that the sandwiches are not put together in the can. The bread is similar to a hotdog bun and is kept in plastic and the pb&j is stored like ketchup. At first I thought this was a horrible idea too, until I read up on it. I also believe that a pb&j sandwich is not hard to make, but you send it with a 5 year old to school and they can make their own without problem, and this would be a great idea for camping.


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