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grossness cont’d

as if the canwich wasn’t bad enough…it was brought to my attention by elle bee and then my british hottie friend…that these things are now hitting a major grocery chain.


do you know what’s even more sad?  people are totally gonna eat these things.

i have one word.


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seriously? gross!!

i found this on a message board i frequent:

seriously.  did you read the cans???  these are sandwiches IN A CAN!!!!!

How gross and disgusting is this??  I am wondering how absolutely lazy we have become as people that a sandwich in a can sounds like a good idea???

Never mind what they must put in that to keep the bread from going soggy etc.

Seriously.  i am grossed.right.out.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

And have a happy Hump Day 🙂 lol

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blogger or wordpress?

i am seriously considering transferring this blog over to blogger.

I have done a test run…exported this one over to blogger to check out the layout etc….

I used to have an online journal on blogger…just for me…private…so no one else could access it ….and i just found that posting on blogger was a lot easier.

but…i like wordpress more…for cosmetic reasons.

I find that wordpress can be kind of slow…and blogger seems rather instant.

my address would pretty much be the same…it actually is the same…just replace wordpress with blogspot.

but i think i’d like to get a few opinions from some of my regular readers…whether you are with wordpress or blogger.

Pros/Cons…why you prefer one over the other.

It wouldn’t be that huge of a transition, but it would be a transition none the less.

Soooo…give me the scoop!!!

Once i make a decision, and if i decide to go to blogger…don’t worry….i’ll let you all know.

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