i actually had to look back on my blog to figure out where i am time wise.  somehow i lost track of the days…the weeks.
i’ve been at this for 17 weeks…or to be more exact, 120 days.  Seems like forever doesn’t it?
As much as i was enjoying my personal pity party (not) i decided i had had enough of sitting around doing everything but what i should be doing.  i put in my first work out last night in almost 2 weeks and took the dog to the doggy park.  with my stomach bug and dealing with my feelings surrounding mamma, it was just easier to sit there and just be still (and that’s more than ok)
no more.  my belly bug is long gone…and there is nothing i can do to change what happened with mamma.  life is constant…and i’ve taken a long enough break from my reality.  back to gettin’ sexy 🙂
I was just thinking about my life these past 4 months. 
in this time, i have been so elated that i am sure i’ve looked like a dork walking around with a perma grin.  i’ve experienced so many firsts…which at my age is kinda impressive…that i have memories that will last me my whole life. Love, which is always present…i have experienced in different forms and different levels…and have been forever changed and blessed by that.  I have experienced horrible sadness where i questioned whether my tears would ever stop.  I have made new, wonderful, soul altering friendships…
i have lived.
just like i did before.
with all these extreme emotions floating around…i’ve noticed one constant.
if you’re happy…you need to celebrate…and usually there is nothing better than a feast to celebrate.
food to comfort you when you are sad.
food when you meet up with your wonderful friends.
which is all good.  i am very aware that food is a pretty important part of every day life.
i guess…what i am trying to get at is…temptation.
there will always be an emotion, or a celebration, or a get together, where temptation will be huge.  a trigger for foods that may not be the best for you.
i liken it to smoking…there are triggers everywhere…everywhere when you quit.  it’s all about handling them…adjusting and coping.
i mean…food is never going to go away.
it is what it is….so you just gotta deal with it
ohhh randomly me 🙂
tonight i have a coffee date…not a food date.
coffee, awesome conversation and love
what could be better than that??
Happy Tuesday kids!

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