road trippin’

it was a pretty rough week for the bee.  understandable me thinks.
things can only get better, time has a way of “fixing” things.
when i am emotionally spent…i tend to reach out for one person.
that person is my mom.
after we put mamma down i just wanted to talk to her…she has a way of loving me just right…even if it is over the phone.
considering she is thousands of miles away on a well deserved vacation, i resisted the urge to call her…and obviously i couldn’t just hop in the car and go to her.
it’s funny…it doesn’t matter how old i am…sometimes a girl just needs her mommy.
and so i didn’t call her…because just like a mom…she would worry for me.
anyways elle bee and i had planned a little road trip.  a road trip for the sole purpose of some good ol’ comfort eating.
I just wanted a real burger and fries….mcdonalds or wendy’s just wouldn’t suffice.  If i was gonna have crap…it was going to be good, yum yum in my tum kind of crap….
and then mom called….right before i felt any motivation to get up and move.
just the sound of her voice..asking me how mamma was…had me crying…and longing for a home cooked meal…and a hug lol….i don’t get it.
so anyways…conversation over…feeling like i was 10 all over again…i was ready to get my eat on.
I love road trips.  i love being on the road…just driving…even if the destination is unknown.
this time our destination was preplanned.  We travelled over an hour to cottage country for burgers and fries.  Not just any burger…we are talking about Webers burgers.  this place always has line ups out the door…but just like anything good…it is so worth the wait.
I was going to take a picture of my food…but i think i got way too excited….and totally forgot until it was all gone.  i couldn’t just take a picture of my leftovers…that would just be cruel!
So since we were there…we rolled our bodies to the car and headed here:
We couldn’t have travelled that distance and not stop in. that’s just crazy talk!  remember all that awesome candy you ate as a child and can no longer find???  well you can find it here.  talk about sugar heaven.
i was pretty good.  i got a very small bag of chocolate covered raisins…and maybe ate half of them.
i don’t really enjoy sugar on a good day…and these were just super sweet.  too sweet.
And as in true bee fashion, the guilt started rolling in before we even made it home.  it’s not that the food wasn’t good…because it was…..
i just came to the realization after i ate it…that it honestly wasn’t as fullfilling as i had built it up in my head.  i realized that i actually enjoyed eating the way that i eat….and i would have been completely fine not eating that burger and fries.
i guess that applies to everything in life.  the grass is always greener mentality.  you tend to think that the things you don’t have are much better than the things you do…and more often than not…when you get on over to that greener grass…it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
oh well…it still was an awesomely fantastic day.  i would be lying if i said i didn’t feel super guilty about it….but we went for a long walk in the evening with the pup…and it sorta made me feel less guilty about my carb splurge.
and that’s my story kids.
this song has been stuck in my head since hearing it at a party on Saturday.  this used to be my “get ready to go out and party” song…so it’s old.  it’s a good Monday song kids….click here

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