tshirts and love and kittens oh my!

i should come with a warning label – my brain is all over the map today…this could be an interesting blog lol

I bought this shirt the day before I went on vacation (I feel like I talk about shirts a lot on here lol)
Anyways…I actually tried this shirt on at the store…and remember thinking to myself…it’s a little snug but I can pull it off.  Go me!
So yeah…my shirt never made it out of the luggage and was forgotten…until last night.
It’s a perfect shirt for casual Friday.
Anyways…I don’t know what’s going on…I really don’t.
To me…when I look in the mirror every day…I don’t notice any changes.  I am still the same me…the same me I was even a month ago.

Not so says the shirt. 

The shirt is big.  I mean a baggy big.  I am wearing it out in public today but I think this item of clothing will be a laze around in the house kind of tshirt.

I also notice that the capri’s I bought for the trip (that I also never pulled out of my luggage) are extremely roomy in the waist department.  NOT COMPLAINING.  I am truly just shocked.

I went and had dinner at my brother’s the other day.  The last time I had seen my niece was 4 weeks prior…and that was just a drive by quick meeting…I would say it’s been almost 2 months since I hung out with them.
That kid is growing in leaps and bounds and I don’t wanna miss a bit of it.

So yes, back to dinner.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My brother likes to give me a hard time…it’s how he’s wired.  I like to give him an equally hard time back…that’s how I’m wired lol.  So I wondered what kind of struggle I would face at dinner…

We sat on his deck and had a couple of beers (low carb of course)…I worked on my tan and caught up on his vacation and caught him up on mine.  It was awesome.

He bought his whole family lamb chops (ewww)…and went out of his way to buy me this amazing cut of steak.  Wow.  Good start brother of mine.
There was not a bad carb on that table!  No potatoes, no rice…no bread.  Just meat and salads and grilled vegetables. 

You have no idea how amazing that is.  I don’t think I have ever sat at the table with any family member not trying to force feed me something “bad” cause it tastes so good.
I was impressed.  No smart ass comment about the way I eat…no comments at all…other than a compliment about how good I looked.

Aww…he musta totally missed me 🙂

It was an amazing time.  

Wanna know what’s not so amazing?  The fact that my 21 month old niece (21 months old today!) loves Britney Spears.  She calls her by name.  Not only did I have to listen to Britney…I also had to dance to Britney. God help me.  The things you do for love.

Across the way from my bank is a vets office.  They always have kittens by the window…and I always go by the window to take a peek.  In over the decade I have lived in this area I have never walked in there.
So…because I love to torture myself I went to take a peek at the kitties.

Well, it just so happened there was an all black kitty there that looked just like Mamma.  Except for the eyes.
I actually went in to the vets office to go see the kitty.  As soon as the kitty saw me she started talking.  I just happened to stick my finger in the cage…and she just happened to rub against me.  Then she started purring…just like Mamma.  Mamma had a very unique, power house kind of purr…I’ve never met another cat with that kind of purr…and I got 3 of ‘em at home.
Take me home take me home i love you take me home… is all my little brain could hear.
i didn’t. 
too soon.  Waaaay too soon.  Besides I have 3 other felines at home that need me.
But I gotta tell you…the temptation was huge.
She would only be a replacement cat for my itty bitty broken heart.  That wouldn’t be fair to her.
She’s cute…she’ll be just fine without me.
I often think I can save every single animal.  I sometimes need to be reminded that I most definitely cannot.

That is all.

Have an awesome weekend kids.

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