my very own hater!

talk about kicking a girl while she’s down.

i received a comment notification last night…that was not so nice.
i read it a few times and felt red in the face.
it was either reply or delete.
and so i deleted, cause really…i’m not so pretty when i’m pissed.

i woke up this morning still stewing over it and regretting my decision to delete…and then thought hey!  thanks for giving me something to blog about today lol

i have zero tolerance for stupidity…and ignorance
and in this comment i faced both.

this kind reader accused me of being insulting ” to all the fat people around the world” and then proceeded to call me a skinny bitch…referring to a picture i posted…if in fact that was my picture.  (i assure you kind reader…that is me in alllll my imperfections)
normally i would bask in a skinny bitch comment, however i am pretty sure it was not intended to be taken that way


first i want to apologize to my reader.  I am sorry that i deleted your comment.  I am sorry because i am not one to censor anyone’s words or feelings.  this reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by Voltaire:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

after sleeping on it…i wish i had kept it.
because your accusations are not only ignorant…they are false…and should be seen by anyone and everyone who visits this blog.

who are you to accuse me of insulting “fat” people???  if you follow my blog you would clearly note that this is a personal journey…a journey of what i am going through, my feelings, my ups and downs and my successes and failures.
if anyone feels motivated by it, encouraged by it..or gets anything out of it…then awesome.  I am not too sure where or how i am insulting anyone.

i am far from a skinny bitch…but you got half of that right.  i indeed am a bitch.

How lonely and sad you must be to spew hate on a strangers blog.  just sad.  i almost feel sorry for you.

So there ya go dear reader…you got your own post!   I welcome you to leave all the comments your heart desires. i won’t delete them.  i think the rest of my readers would enjoy the comic relief.


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7 thoughts on “my very own hater!

  1. lynne

    Bravo dear heart .. thanks for taking the energy to say what you did.
    I like you .. and your journey .. and respect everything about it.
    That you remember the right to free speech in the middle of a rage .. is a powerful thing for all time.
    You F’n ROCK !

  2. pg

    blogging puts YOU and YOUR stuff out there in the big, wide world. And sometimes, we (for whatever random reason) attract the freaks, the nutters, the unbalanced or the just plain jealous. I’ve had MORE than my fair share.. and I write a FOOD blog, FFS! I HIGHLY recommend a comments policy page, love.. check out mine…

    My blog is my little nation and I am the government. Currently, there are no rules or regulations, or blog U.N that to tells me how to administer my blog nation. I am in charge and I set the rules. And the first rule is making da rules public….

    DON’T bother being offended by my description of food being orgasmic. I’ll just delete your comments , and post them on Twitter, where all my fellow foodie friends will laugh at you and your lack of basic grammar. BUT, being the benevolent oligarch that I am, (think Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth run by a middle-aged hippie with a penchant for cheese and Nag Champa, but with a ratified Drive-By eugenics policy, ok), I’ll pretty much put up with anything. So long as it’s not stupid or clearly spam-alicious.”

    That’s pretty much all you need.

  3. slovie64

    I will bet this person is just lashing out because you are DOING something towards a healthier life while they are doing Nothing. It’s a crappy feeling when you know you are doing nothing.

    It’s also crappy to be trying to do something but get no results. But really, enough about me.

    I had one nasty comment once and deleted it as well, but I don’t regret it. It’s part of the territory when you decide to launch your little diary into cyberspace.


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