bugger off

I have been feeling unwell these past few days.  It started Tuesday…my stomach just didn’t feel right.

I plugged through a work out and that just seemed to make me feel worse.

By last night I was actually contemplating going to the E.R.

Although I felt like utter crap…I didn’t really deem it as an emergency…and so I thought I would wait until the morning to see how I felt.

I went to bed with visions of guilt floating through my head…I didn’t work out for two days. I felt terrible about that.  Never mind I could barely walk without feeling pain…I was worried about the workout.  

Only me. lol

So I woke up this morning…and I wasn’t much better at all.
I called my doctor…and being the awesome man that he is told me to come in right away.

I picked up a lot of life altering things while I was away on vacation…but a stomach bug was one thing I could have done without.

Apparently that’s what’s wrong with my belly.

I feel bleh.

Woe is me 😦

So, I am to drink clear liquids, eat bland foods and not work out till my stomach is under control.

He wants me eating bland foods…apparently he does not know me. I don’t know how to do bland.  Why live? Not to mention that all the foods suggested are not even on my plan.  Apple juice, apples, bananas.
He also suggested I not work out until I feel better.  I says pardon???
I got a prescription to settle my belly.

I am sure that when he mentioned clear liquids he totally meant gin and tonic right?  I will most definitely listen to him on this one lol.

Here’s to hoping this bastardly thing goes away….and fast.

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