Pee Ehm Ess

Sorry boys…this probably is not a blog that you will want to read.

But…hey…it’s a part of life…and more importantly my life!

For about 2 weeks out of every month…my body decides to declare war on itself.  For reasons unknown….my body decides I must be punished for being a girl.

It teases and taunts me…even mocks me.  It morphs into something incredibly hideous every time I see a mirror…

It makes me cry for no good reason, makes my greek ragey fire come out full force, makes me girly and sensitive to the point where I can’t even stand myself.

It feels like I have little guys in there playing ping pong with my ovaries…and I have this ability to hear children that are miles away…and that in itself makes my uterus ache.

I get sucked into this hormonal vortex that I can’t climb out of.  I become this irritable, emotional…thing and my brain is clearly aware that I am over reacting but I just can’t stop!!

And for good measure…the girls become twice their size. I will have to assume that this is to encourage partners or potential love interests…that despite our “craziness” we are a-ok.  Something cave man like…ya know…we are worth mating with lol
Surely that is why boobs were created yes?
Don’t even get me started on how much they hurt….anywayyyz.

As if that’s not bad enough…lets talk cravings.  You know the ones.  Where your body requires sugar and salt to fuel it’s pms rampage.

The more you try to drown out the voices…the louder they become.  

I have no idea why my own body…the one I nurture, love and adore would want to sabotage me in that way.

The need to consume Lay’s Dill Pickle Chips, with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…
At one sitting…
Or surely I will DIE.
The never ending appetite where it seems all you do all day long is eat, eat and eat some more…and never are satisfied.

The craving that will send your significant other out in the middle of the night, just to appease you…just for some calm, quiet solitude. (well, if they value their life that is lol)

You all know what I am talking about ladies.  Each and every one of you.

The PMS demon is a hard one.  I find that it’s the most difficult time for me to resist a craving….

These past few months I have been amazing at not giving in to those cravings….even in my PMS rage I am able to rationalize and not give in.  I find substitutes…that will satisfy my need.

I am only human though…I must admit…that one day….the dill pickle chips will win.  It’s just today is not that day.

What are your PMS weaknesses?

On to something completely unrelated…
Happy Canada day to my fellow Canucks!  I am off tonight to party like it’s 1999!

Enjoy 🙂

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