back to life…

Back to reality (a little Soul II Soul for you) lol – hope it sticks in your head like it has in mine!  I shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

I was a little worried for this time to arrive.  You know…that after vacation time…where your body still wants to be on vacation.  Where you think that you no longer need to be careful with what you consume and no longer need to work out…cause well…the vacation is over.

The goal is gone.

I’m in a pretty good mind set kids.  When feeding time came around yesterday, I wasn’t even slightly tempted to go off track.  I ate well…AND I went home and worked out right away.

Sure, I achieved one goal.  That was to feel semi comfortable in a bikini.  I guess I surpassed that goal cause I never felt more comfortable frolicking around in all of my nekkidness! Lol

But my goals are a constant.  Never ending.  After all…there is next summer you know…my goal is to feel comfortable in my skin.  I am getting there…but I am not there yet.

But you know what?  Reaching your goal(s) is no reason to stop.  It’s sorta counter productive don’t you think?  I mean you work so hard…reach a goal…and then go back to eating poorly and not working out.  Where does that get you?  Probably further behind then where you started.

Hopefully this time next year I will be writing about how I am at the maintenance stage.

Anywhooo.  My appetite last night was insatiable.  I just could not stop snacking and nibbling.
Before I would always say I had no idea why…but I am well aware.

My hormones are wreaking havoc on me these days…and I am dealing with a heart breaking situation at the moment. (that’s another blog, for another day)
Talk about wanting to stuff my emotions full of food.  

I managed to keep the snacks at a carb friendly level…and so there is no guilt there.
I’m Greek…my guilt is better spent elsewhere

Have a good one kids…and just for fun…click here

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