i’m baaaack…with a pic :)

hi lovelies!

did you miss me?  i must say the only reason i remotely missed my computer was to document all the life altering moments i experienced.  there were many. Of course…they were so amazing that they will forever be etched in my memory until the day i die…so no computer was necessary.  I had packed  my net book…but had no need to bring her out.  I am still chewing everything i have experienced….savouring the million flavours coarsing through my body….
there is just too much to write…when it comes into fruition in my brain…i shall blog about that…next door in my personal blog.

I managed quite well food wise while i was away.  not to say that there wasn’t any devil carb treats….because there were.  I decided that i could eat those things that were not available in Canada….after all…i was in another country…and there was much carbolicious sweetness to experience.  Other than a few sinfully delicious treats…i stayed on track.  yay me!!!!  AND i don’t have an ounce of guilt in this body.  Besides, there was a lot of walking, swimming…and sweating…i am sure those pounds didn’t stick!

I’d love to write more…although i am sporting my beach hair….the pile of paper work and emails tells me i ain’t in Kansas anymore kids.  back to the real world.

*big fat hairy sigh*

I have a million words floating through my head….my experiences….my pleasures…my life altering get away…and i will break one of my two promises and write them here (this is supposed to be just a food/health blog)….but i feel like sharing today 🙂

tuna sashimi
grouper bites
elvis balls/bits/bites
dolphin bellies
sea turtles
skinny dipping in the ocean in the middle of the day
spanish moss
black swans
jet skiing
furry balls
swimming with dolphins
sun kissed
australian gold
pretty juice
lady gardens
muddy mojitos
heat lightening
aunt wee’s dip
tim tam slams
stingray shuffle
crab ankle nibbles
salt water

i think i was born to be forever sun kissed and reside by the sea.  for certain i was a mermaid in my past life.

And now i leave you with a picture.  i am breaking rule #2 of 2.  But i had to share.  This picture is amazing for several reasons…if you were there at that very moment you would know why.  But look at that face…free of stress…full of life and love…and living in the moment.  you can’t buy that feeling.

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