the goddess in bee

Count down has officially begun!  woop!!

I have been crazy busy lately.  Even thinking about it makes me tired.  By last night I was sure I was just going to drop.
Yesterday’s duties included cooking dinner, working out and cleaning my car.
I was nursing a really bad headache – yes the same one I wrote about last week…and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball.

I cooked dinner.  And that was it.

Elle Bee convinced me to hold off on the car washing until tonight…and also convinced me that I could take a night off from working out.  After all…I did work out on hump day – my day of supposed rest.
And so I relaxed.  In a half comatose state, the night was mine.

Today…after I tie up all my loose ends at work…I am going for a long over due mani and pedi.

I have been so busy taking care of myself…working myself into a healthy bee…I neglected the goddess in me 😉
The thought of getting pampered will totally get me through this day.
I once knew someone who hated pedicures.  Seriously…who hates pedicures???

So after the spa…it’s off to clean my car.  Elle Bee has offered to do the hard work…so I don’t ruin the mani!
Then possibly a work out.

The next few days will be insanely busy.  Not only do I have a trip I need to get ready for but I have several commitments I must honour.

I have a wedding on Saturday…my bee-autiful friend is getting married…and Sunday I am dropping off and picking up at the airport.  I have to figure out how to get from one end of the airport to the other in warp speed…no worries about getting my exercise in that day kids!

Soon…I shall be sitting on a beach…in my rockin’ chocolate brown bikini…breathing in the salt air…loving my life to the core.

Somebody pinch me cause I’ve got to be dreamin’!

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