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I don’t really know who comes to my blog.  I know that my friends are highly entertained by my rambles and come back not because they are following my weight loss/health journey per say, but they come back because they are my friends and support me through it.

The same goes with strangers.  People are emailing me, telling me that they enjoy my blog and sometimes even share their stories with me…or provide me with links to their very own blogs.  I have conversed with some pretty awesome people that I never would have met had it not been for creating this blog.  For that I am grateful.

Not only does it give me a sense of community, but it also fuels my desire to keep on keeping on.  I think it keeps me more accountable, more focused.  I am no longer alone in this big blogging world.  Yes I do have amazing people in my personal life who are there for me 100%, but it’s nice to have this little community to stand with.

I didn’t realize how big of a blogging community there was out there regarding health and weight loss, until I created my own blog.

I have run into so many amazing blogs, with people going through the exact same things as I am…even if their plans are different.

I don’t know why I felt like I was the only one…but I did.  Nice to know that I am not alone!

I gave a shout out to a couple of blogs that really caught my attention…you can find them at the bottom of my “about bee” page.  I think they totally deserve a read.

Keep reading, keep commenting, keep reaching out…I’m lovin’ it!

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