Yesterday was the day.
Bikini shopping.

Oy vay.

I left it to the last possible minute, you know, incase I miraculously grew 6 pack abs over night.
Such was not the case.

I went home after work and worked out.  I figured that if I worked out before I went, I may have felt better about trying on bathing suits and the fact that I will be scantily clad for about a week.
Again, such was not the case.

What I should have done was have a couple glasses of wine and headed over to Bikini Village…and then I just wouldn’t give a crap.  Ahhh….i didn’t have my thinking cap on obviously.

Because I am a gluten for punishment, I decided to pull out the bikini I wore 5 years ago.  My itsy bitsy, teeny weenie white Calvin Klein bikini.  May I also mention that 5 years ago I was at my lowest weight ever in my adult life.

I know…what the hell was I thinking????

So the bottoms went on fine…they fit perfect actually.  The top however…oh mah gawwwd.  I mean, if I sneezed I am sure one of the girls would have come flying out.

So of course that threw me into a whole dramatic depression.  Woe is me…blah blah blah
What a lovely way to set the mood.

But I did it kids, fluorescent lighting and magic dressing room mirrors which make objects appear fatter than what they really are…did not stop me!

And of course, the fact that Elle Bee held my hand through the whole thing and was right there incase of a total break down to talk me down …was a lifesaver!
Everyone needs an Elle Bee…but I ain’t sharing.  Back off and get yer own Elle Bee!!

I tried on about 6 bathing suits…if not more.
I settled for a bikini…yes a bikini.  Not a tankini, not a one piece.  A gorgeous chocolate brown bikini.  Of course it was the most expensive one I tried on…but it fit nicely…and trying it on didn’t throw me into convulsions.

I am going to rock a bikini!  Who knew?

I was speaking to a friend via email…and she left me with these words:

Wear a one piece or wear a bikini, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable….just don’t “wear” your insecurities….because you are poetry in motion.

I’ve got some awesome people in my life ehh?

On to other news…I went and bought a couple pairs of capris.  I am more than ecstatic to announce that I am officially a size 2.  Not a pretend 2…you know…where you suck your gut in and struggle with the buttons to make it fit?  A comfortable fitting…with room to breathe size 2.  If anything…that totally made my week.

6 more sleeps.  Wow!

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