Compromise – a picture post

life is never going to happen the way you plan.  Not always…

my life is pretty regimented as of late.  i have a plan, and i like to stick to it as close as possible.  I am a creature of habit for sure…but the Sagittarius in me craves the unexpected, the unplanned….i love spontaneity.

So Friday evening, the evening was mine…after working out of course.

Well, i had the opportunity to attend Luminato.  Luminato is Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity.  If you would like to know more about it, click here

It was the opening night, and a girl i know was playing the sax for Sass Jordan.  Who can pass up the opportunity of seeing a sexy, fiery red head playing the sax??  She is totally my pretend girlfriend…she just doesn’t know it 😉

So anyways…there was no way that i could get home, cook dinner, work out and get ready all by 6:00pm.  So…i sacrificed the work out.

All hope was not lost.  Instead of taking the subway to the event…we walked several blocks.  After the event we walked down to one of Elle Bee’s bars…in total we walked well over an hour.  that’s gotta count for something right?  I am sure it did cause i was sore in places i never knew existed.


I still got a bit of a work out in….and still had an amazing evening.  I rewarded myself with a gin and diet, hung out at the bar for a bit…and then headed home.  Awesome night!

the following day was my little man’s first birthday party!  the thought had crossed my mind that there would be a lot of food there that i shouldn’t have.  it wasn’t that much of a big deal this time around.  i knew what i was eating ahead of time…and i knew that there would be cake screaming my name!  But the awesome thing was…i had no desire to go off plan.

Anyways, out came these delicious looking cupcakes…and i am not gonna lie…i was tempted to have one.  I decided against it and let the little birthday man have my share.

Obviously he was enjoying his first taste of sugar 😉  It was worth it to me…to see him enjoy it so much.  So…it all worked out!  I even went home and worked out…


On Friday, on our way to the event….i of course had to stop in a shoe store.  i found these shoes that i had to have.  when i put them on they were so comfortable…and they fit purrfectly.

i loved them and wanted them to be mine.

i was their Cinderella.

But, i am a rational person…they were way outta my budget, and so the answer was no.  not right now.

With great sadness, i put the shoes away…and carried on….cried a bit.  Look at what i left behind!!

Ugh!  but when i got home i was willing to sacrifice a bit of my vacation wardrobe to purchase these…and then realized that i had just received my tax return that would cover  the whole cost of these babies.  the shoes were mine!

So i went shopping….ALLLLLL DAY yesterday. Yup.  looking for those shoes.  i found the shoes but no one had my size.  no one.  I have pretty small feet…and it’s really hard to find shoes that fit me just right .  i wanted to kick my own ass for not picking them up when i saw them the other day…i was so….defeated.

We decided to try one other store…and no…they did not have them.  I was done.  I am not a shopper on a good day….5 hours later i just wanted to pull out my hair or hit someone!

And then i saw these…..

they were equally purrrfect!!!!  AND they had my size.  it was a sign.  they were mine.  No they were not the ones i originally fell in love with…but my god they are perdy.


all about compromise kids 😉

I am off to the mall tonight…a different mall…to see if by chance i can find the other ones…cause now i am just obsessed.  Besides….it’s bikini shopping night.  wish me luck!

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1 thought on “Compromise – a picture post

  1. claudine

    OMG LOL I thought you would have had a pic of the shoes with you wearing them woman…..

    Anyways they are cute.

    So you are going for the bikini eh……u tease………….



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