It’s been an amazing couple of days.  I can’t complain.  Well I could always complain…but I won’t today 😉

I’ve been trying to recover from my late nights…especially from my chillin’ out night…and today kids I am feeling rather exhausted.

Yesterday was an amazing, rock your socks kind of day.  I survived on little to no sleep from the night before but was still able to have a productive day.
I was probably still on a high from my evening…

I was wonder woman for sure yesterday…busy busy day at work, then grocery shopping, then a 45 min work out and then I cooked dinner and walked the dog.  It was after 7 when I sat down and had my tea and could actually sit still for a moment.
I love days like that.  I love feeling productive.

My dinner was amazing!!  If you practice a lifestyle of the low fat variety I would highly suggest you skip this part. Lol

Yesterday I made chicken breasts stuffed with herb and garlic cream cheese  wrapped in bacon.  I then rolled them in some parmesan/garlic/sea salt “breading”.
And a nice greek salad on the side.
Can you say yummy?

I was thinking of taking pictures of these amazing meals I make and posting them here…I know my blog could use some colour.  It’s definitely food for thought.

I’ve had some amazing conversations lately.  Could be because I have some amazing people in my life.
I will share that another day!!

Apparently I like the word amazing today. lol

Today is Friday kids.  Although I could fall asleep at any given moment I am so ready to rock the day.  Exhausted but full of energy.  Is that a little oxy moron-ish?

I will leave you with this.  I bet you can’t sit still can you?  Go ahead…chair dance. I won’t tell anyone.
Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend!!

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