i spend all of my time, careful with what i eat, making sure i get a work out in….being as health conscious as i can be.
when i have a goal in mind, there is no stopping me.  it’s the sagg in me i think 😉

but sometimes i get tired mamma.

i decided last night was a night dedicated to relaxing.

all i wanted to do when i got home, was get into my fat pants and take a nap.
then when i woke up…to do absolutely nothing but what my heart desired.
actually i lied.  what i really wanted to do was come home and get a work out in…but i was really, and i mean really tired. 
i gave myself permission to listen to that voice telling me to slow down.
after all, it’s all about listening to your body…and my body needed some down time.

what a lot of people fail to realize is that rest is so important.
i mean, i could work out 7 days a week, but i am honestly not so sure what physical benefits that really has.  I know it makes me feel amazing, but i am entitled to a night off no? (can u hear the guilt in my voice? lol)
some of the girls at work told me that you should only work out 3 days a week…but that seems…minimal.
i am such a go big or go home kind of girl…that 3 days a week seems impossible.
Once i get something in my head…that’s it.

I have been nursing a headache for the past 7 days now. yeah i know…7 days!  Working out has calmed it down for maybe an hour or so (who knew!), but last night i made the decision to just stop.  slow it down.
maybe my body was trying to tell me i was doing too much too fast.

my bff of 20 years lovingly gave me the nick name wonder woman.  she thinks i hold the moon.
but i am sure even wonder woman suffered from burn out….didn’t she?  lol

I was talking to a friend yesterday…who is pretty much in the same place i am.  she said that a few months into her new health regime her body was catching up.  meaning that although she had been doing this for months…her body was just now adjusting to the changes…so perhaps my body is doing the same thing…hence this headache that is making me a little crazy.

And so i went home…and napped.  it was only maybe for 20 min…but it was so gooooooood. I used to nap every single day after work…but these past 3 months…i haven’t had the need.
i woke up and had some dinner…walked the dog and just relaxed….watched tv….and just “was”.   I caught myself up on blogs that i have neglected, answered emails that i put on the back burner….you know…the simple things.  i am so in love with the simple things.

It was nice.  and now i am ready for today.  I am excited to get home and work out…get back into my routine….
i now officially declare hump day as my day of rest.

I’ve had a couple of late evenings…but i feel amazing today…even with a headache.  as a creature of the night…i don’t need much sleep to survive the day.
it was the purrrfect night.

it was there that i found my inspiration.
in the night.
i was able to write last night…in a way that i missed…in a way that my fingers could not keep up with my brain.  like my heart was on fire.  a glass of red…and you.
my night inspiration…
but that is not for my personal blog…it’s a bed side journal kinda thang 😉
thank you…
my muse.
if you only knew the words you inspired my heart to write…
who said down time was time wasted.
you could never be a waste of time.

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