the shirt

A few months ago I purchased this really cute button down shirt.  As with most everything I buy, I prefer not to try it on at the store.  The dressing room mirrors and fluorescent lighting are enough to cause a melt down of massive proportions.

So anyways, I know my size so I just buy whatever it is I need to buy and try it on at home.
When I got home and tried it on, I couldn’t even get the buttons together.

Insert shocked face here.

So instead of throwing myself over my balcony, I decided to use this shirt as a motivation tool.  Try it on every once and a while and see if I notice a difference in the way it fit.

Of course I just could have returned it and got my money back…but that would have been too easy.
So every month the shirt came out.  Every time I tried it, it was the same.  I could barely get the buttons done up.

Talk about discouraging.

On Saturday, after working out I was contemplating what to wear for the evening.  Just for kicks I decided to try on the shirt.  Why not.  It had been a good month since I tried it on…
Out comes the shirt…and all the buttons get…buttoned.

The shirt fit!!!!  Granted it was a little tight around the girls, but what shirt isn’t?  Face it, I’ve been a little blessed in that department.

To be honest I think the shirt is actually a girl’s rather than woman’s….because based on the size stated on the tag…this woulda fit me on the fattest day.  Anyways…that’s neither here nor there.

It’s 12 weeks today that I started eating healthier…3 months kids.
Slowly but surely I am noticing the differences in my body and in my energy.

Three months!!!  I should throw myself a party! Lol
Granted the process has been s.l.o.w this time around…but at least there is progress.

So Saturday night, we went out to one of Elle Bee’s bars and partied like rock stars.  We had so much fun, great company…and I was wearing my brand new shirt!!  rockin’ the shirt!
I made a new bff who I think I am totally crushing…life is merry.

14 days until I rock a bikini kids.  2 more weeks!

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2 thoughts on “the shirt

  1. slovie64

    I did the same thing! but mine was pants. Different manufacturers make sizes different apparently – these pants I bought just did not fit even though others in that size did. but I kept them to see how long it would take to get them on comfortably.

    I am wearing them today. Isn’t it odd that I am wearing them the same day you made this post?

    1. losingbee Post author

      i know…every manufacturer does make their sizes different!! it’s very frustrating.

      awesome news 🙂 you are rockin’ those pants!!


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