looking for my mojo

So a few people wanted me to post the video of me dancing and drinking wine whilst kicking ass DDR’ing.

Ya know, I uploaded it to my youtube account and played it…and really…I just don’t have the balls to post it here!

I mean, if you are my friend on facebook it’s there…and now it’s on my youtube account…so it’s not like I am not out there…but I just don’t think I am ready to put it here quite yet.  Maybe if I have a couple of glasses of wine I might change my mind…but this morning…no.


Anyways…today’s conundrum (I just wanted to write conundrum lol)

I’m just reaching out here for some ideas.

I find that I have to work out as soon as I step foot in the house.  If I don’t…I just won’t.  That is not always possible, life happens and there are things that need to be done sometimes…like after work shopping, errands, appointments, dinner making.

So…if I do happen to be making dinner one night…there is no way I can find motivation after eating to throw on my work out clothes and dance dance dance.
The thing with me is once I settle in…I just won’t move.

One night I decided I had enough energy to work out.  This was around 10pm.  What was I thinking??

I was wired!  It’s bad enough I never ever get to sleep at a decent hour…but I was climbing walls till the early morning hours.
So obviously a late night work out is not a wise option.

I was talking to a friend last night who suggested I wake up earlier and work out.


I don’t do mornings.  Ever.  I am surprised I have a day job.  I sleep in until the last possible minute…and rush myself to get out of the house in the mornings.
Mornings are a no go.  I am not alive.
I cannot even begin to imagine being happy about waking up to work out.  Talk about starting my day off in my grumpy pants.

So how can I best manage my time…and find my motivation?
How can I curb my laziness and make myself work out early evening say instead of right after work?
It’s not that I am lazy…I am just tired.

Any ideas, magic tricks would be welcomed.

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1 thought on “looking for my mojo

  1. lunchy

    I have no ideas because you and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to this topic. And even if I DO manage to wake up early enough to work out before work I won’t. And then I’ll still be 10 minutes late.

    So yeah. It’s a conundrum 😉


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