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turbo jam

Have you heard of it?

It’s a combination of dancing and kickboxing…and a lot of air humping. It’s the first work out I have found that is actually fun.  

I first saw the infomercial probably last year, late one Saturday night.  I was sitting on the couch indulging on my potato chips and glass of wine, watching Chalene totally rock out.  I was intrigued.

I am sure the visual was comical.  Watching a work out infomercial whilst stuffing my face with chips.  In my defense I was chair dancing to the music…so I am sure there was a small calorie burn there lol.
I reaaaaallly wanted to order the dvd’s cause it looked like so much fun.  I decided to hold off…because, well I was teaching myself to curb my impulse buys.

Then it got a little crazy.

I looked forward to seeing the infomercial.  I mean it was like watching a movie in your pj’s.  And so I would turn it on….chips and wine in hand. 
Who does that??

And so I ordered it.

I could not wait to try it out. 

I won’t lie.  It’s much more fun watching someone else work out while you sit there and eat chips and drink wine.  It’s quite different when you are the one doing the work.

I think the first time I did the work out…I woke up screaming in pain around 3 in the morning.  I had experienced my first Charlie horse ever. 

The work out is intense, but you don’t realize how intense cause it’s so much fun!

I love my turbo jam.  Big love.  Every time I finish working out I feel amazing.  I wish they could bottle that feeling and sell it.  It feels.so.good.

The chips have long been abandoned.
The wine has not.

I can’t say I can turbo jam and drink wine at the same time…but I gotta say…i can kick some serious DDR ass with a glass of wine in hand.
I am not an amateur people.

Anyways…if you want to see a bit of what I am talking about…click here

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