fat bottom girl

I feel like I should mention a small success.

I rocked shorts over the weekend.

I haven’t worn shorts out in public in about 5 years.  And 5 years ago I was proud to wear my cute, very short daisy dukes.
Hell, 5 years ago I would have paraded through the streets nekkid.

Anyways…i was going to hang out with a friend over the weekend and thought I should take advantage of the beautiful weather and let my whole body get sun kissed.(well not my whole body)  I am so white that my skin glows in the dark…and there is no way I am going on vacation looking like Casper.  So I wore my shorts and a tank top and got the most beautiful glow going on.
Not only were these shorts not even a possibility last summer…but they were actually loose.

Did I mention…I rocked the shorts?
Ok I will shut up.

Which brings me to my next success…well maybe not so much a success…depends how you look at it.

A few months ago I decided that I needed to get my head outta the clouds and get real.
I was in major denial.

(an apology to my brother ahead of time who may be reading this…lol)

I’m talking about my boobs.
I even wrote a long blog about it then.

Anyways…you know it’s time to get new bras when you are pushing and tucking yer girls into bras that so obviously no longer fit you.
I did not want to be bigger than what I was wearing!!!
But…I gave in.  I went bra shopping.  Can I tell you how fun that is?

Anyways…I finally tried on bras that fit the girls most wonderfully…you could almost hear them purr…and I no longer cared what the size was.  Besides…the girls looked good.
The girls rocked the bras.

Well they are not so much rockin ‘em anymore.

This makes me extremely happy…and I am sure it makes some people rather sad.
So…looks like I gotta go bra shopping yet again.
True story!

That is all.

this blog has been brought to you by the letters O, C, D and this (for your rockin’ pleasure)

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