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week 11 – let’s talk about goals

I am entering into week 11.  wow.

I am finally starting to feel like my self after that whole cheat with pizza thing. Amazing that it took a week for my body to feel “normal”  Kinda sad, cause it feels like it’s been a week wasted.

Anyways…it’s over and my body is back on track.

I’ve had some interesting conversations as of late.  People are asking me how serious I am about my goals and how do I actually set goals if I don’t even use a scale, or measuring tape to measure my success.

Personally I don’t think you need the scale or tape to measure your success or failures.

Sometimes they are great motivators if you see the numbers going down…but sometimes when the numbers don’t move I think it could be a killer.

If you don’t see numbers going down…you may be tempted to throw in the towel and go back to the behaviours that landed you here in the first place.

I am serious about my goals and my intentions.  I also know my personality and adding a scale and measuring tape into the mix is a recipe for disaster.

My clothes are my measuring tape.  I go by how they fit.  My size 4’s are big, and they used to be snug.  Success.
My success will be measured when I go to my doctor for my annual check up and he tells me that everything is normal (knock on wood)
My goal is to get through an hour of working out without thinking I am gonna hack up a lung.

I think these are realistic goals, and I see no reason why I will not succeed.

My goal was to rock a bikini.  I have 21 days to reach that goal. Today it’s feeling possible.  Today I think I am totally gonna rock a bikini.  Tomorrow could be different…but today is a good day.

21 days baby!  I cannot wait!!!!

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