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randomly bee

Ever since I can remember, I have had to eat my food a certain way.
What do you call that?  Crazy maybe? Lol
Food presentation apparently is quite important to me.
I never realized how anal I was about this until I got older…

Anyways, back to my random thought.

I don’t like it when my food touches on my plate.  If for example I am having chicken and salad…I would very much prefer that the two did not touch.
Don’t ask me why…’cause I haven’t figured it out yet.

The lady that works in my cafeteria is lovely.  She’s a funny, European lady that clearly enjoys feeding us…and perhaps enjoys fattening us up a little bit.

Every time I order my food, she goes out of her way to pile my plate with food.  Not that I mind.  Everytime I tell her “enough” it’s like she doesn’t even want to hear me!
Yes…most people would think this is awesome…and I truly adore her for this


What this means is that my food is meshed in with eachother…like a Dijon mustard sauce from my chicken is all over my salad…or like today my lemon dill sauce for my salmon was all over my salad.  Or my salad on top of my meat etc….you get what I am saying.

My coworkers find this rather amusing.  They know how I feel about my food touching and I didn’t realize how often I physically react when it happens.  I actually gasp and cover my mouth or scrunch my face…saying “ok that’s enough thank you”

I have found myself separating my food right there and then…my cafeteria lady giving me a look like I’m a weirdo.  I mean what’s a girl to do?  I can’t…just cannot leave it like that.  Surely I would die.

I don’t ever say a thing….because I don’t want to offend anyone…but honestly, sometimes when I see my food mish mashed all together like that…I tend to lose my appetite.
I didn’t say it wasn’t weird…I’m just telling you how it is!

Another totally random food thought??

I notice that I tend to eat the stuff I am not so crazy about first…and save my favourite part of the meal for last.
That’s kinda ass backwards no?
Cause when I get filled up…I tend to leave behind my favourite part of the meal because I was too busy eating the stuff I didn’t really like.

I am an odd bee…and I am ok with that.

What are your weird food things?

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