fat days

We all have them
Some more than others.

It’s kinda funny.  What people see when they look at us, is not what we see in the mirror when we look at ourselves.

People don’t see your squishy rolls…or your dimpled butt…but you sure as hell do.
Imagined or not…you see it.

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter if your clothes are looser…your face is thinner…sometimes when you stand there…facing that mirror nekkid…it’s enough to make you fall to your knees in utter disgust and cry “oh god why me, why me!!’ lol

I have learned that I am my own worst critic.  I am sure most people are.

Is there a time that we will be 100% completely and totally content with everything that we are…flawed and all?
I highly doubt it.

There is always room to improve…to get better.  Better skin, tighter butt, 6 pack abs…you get the gist.
I will never be perfect no matter how hard I try (shocker I know!!!!! But true)Oddly enough I am ok with that.
I want to be comfortable in my skin, I want to feel healthy and look healthy…

I have a very obsessive personality…if you haven’t figured that out.  Hence, why I have a blog just about food and health.  I’m here to be the best I can be.

But today kids is a fat day.  I hate fat days.  I blame the pizza.
Pass me the water.

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