For the past two weeks I was debating whether I would have a “planned cheat”

I didn’t torture myself over making a decision, but it was something I had to think about.  Did I want to cheat?  Was I strong enough to have one “bad” meal and not get cravings for more bad things?  Would I beat myself up after?

I had to see if the end result was worth the 20 minutes of complete bliss.

I went away over the weekend.  I fell in love with a city that is not too far from where I live and decided to go back.  It had been 2 years since I had been there and I felt like I was long over due for a mini vacation.

Anywho…there is a pizzeria there that I fell in love with.  I had never had pizza like that in my life!

It’s a small little family run pizza place that has been there for 35 years and has built up quite the little reputation.

Could I actually travel that distance and not have their pizza?
I decided to stop having these conversations in my head and figure it all out when I was there.

I was emotionally and mentally prepared for the possible havoc a cheat would have on me.  I also knew that it was not the end of the world…and the chances of it ruining all my hard work these past 10 weeks was pretty much impossible.

If I still wanted pizza when I got there…then I would have it.  No biggie.

And so I got there…and my lord I still wanted it!  Lol

So we went for pizza.  I was like a kid in a candy store, counting down the minutes ‘till it would arrive at our table and take up residence in mah belly!!

I’m not gonna lie.  It was ok….well it was pretty good.  But it was not anything like I remember it being.  It didn’t move heaven and earth.  I am in no way insulting this place…cause I would definitely give it a go again…

But it wasn’t the highlight of my time away.  I could’ve been fine not eating the pizza.  I didn’t leave there satisfied or pleased.  I left there disappointed.  Disappointed in myself…not the restaurant.

I guess in a way I got the pizza craving out of my system.  
I am trying really hard to have no regrets.

I am proud of myself that it didn’t set me off and that I didn’t talk myself out of all the hard work I have done…cause we all know pizza is the devil lol

I did however feel like crap after.  My belly hurt and I was soooo very tired.  I slept it off like a major hangover.

Good news?  It was just the one cheat.  The next day I had no desire to continue riding the carb train.  

I apparently do have some self control!!

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