a little rant if u don’t mind

I didn’t realize the way I ate affected so many people.

Last time I checked, this was my body…and if anyone knows what works for me…it would be me.  Oh…and my doctor…who fully supports me and encourages me.

I have a low carb lifestyle.  Not  a no carb lifestyle….as many many people seem to believe.  That would be virtually impossible…no carbs.  I would be the walking dead.

For some reason when people think low carb…they assume that I am bathing in butter and bacon grease.
Let me be clear that no “diet” would condone that kind of eating.

I am just so tired sometimes of the looks and the comments I get.

My awesome cafeteria lady still looks at me funny when I go cash out and I have a burger without a bun, or if I choose to eat my meat and salad and pass on the scalloped potatoes.

By people trying to encourage me to eat…potatoes, rice..pizza…chocolate bars…you are not doing me any favours, and most importantly you are not respecting me.
The saying…one bite won’t hurt does not hold true in this case.

This is not soley a weight loss goal.  This is a way of life.  This is for my health first and foremost.  The fact that my pants are getting bigger is just the bonus.  The cheese on my burger if you will 🙂
Asking me to eat or just try a bite of something is like asking an asthmatic to take a drag of a smoke….an alcoholic to have just one sip, a diabetic to just eat a piece of cake.

I am not going to eat the food at your table to be polite, when you go ahead and make the very foods you know I can’t eat.  It’s not about being polite.  It’s about respecting my choices.  If I refuse your potatoes, I do not mean to insult you.

And finally….

Who are you to lecture me about my eating?  What about my plate looked unhealthy?  Was it my chicken breast with a side salad that threw you off?  How is your choice of fries and gravy and a burger a better…more healthy food choice??  And why do you feel the need to insult my choices?

Most times I let these things slide off my back.  I really do.  But sometimes I just get fed up like the rest of the human population.

Thanks you for listening…as you were 😉

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