thoughts become things???

I should be careful what I write about.

All that talk about emotional/stress eating…I can’t help but feel that I brought it on myself.
You know…the whole throw things out into the universe and you’d be surprised at what comes back.

Now if I could only use that to my advantage and miraculously have the universe send me a million bucks…that would be fab.

I had just put my lunch tray on the table and was ready to eat my scrumptious yum yums (pork loin and steamed veggies) when I got the call from Elle Bee.

Elle Bee took our resident cat in for some minor maintenance…after all she is 16.  Anyways Elle Bee called and told me in a nutshell…that this tumour that the cat has is cancerous…and needs to be removed.  We are looking at over 1000.00.
Appetite??  Gone.

I should also mention that we put our other cat Ben down 7 months ago.  The total of that bill…almost 4 grand.  So…I need another vet bill like I need a hole in my head.
I took a few bites of my lunch and threw the rest of it away.  Stress.  It makes me so not hungry.

So then I got to thinking about how sad I would be without Mamma (the cat)…I wondered if she were in pain…how she was feeling…and I became this emotional sappy mess..sitting in my car crying.

I wanted to eat…and I wanted lots of bad things…salty carbolicious things.

I did as well as I could.

It was wings and beer for dinner last night.  Mm mm goodness.
Yeah I know wings aren’t the best…but they certainly aren’t the worst.  And to be fair…the beer was low carb…

It was just what I needed.

Now if someone can lend me a thousand bucks I’d really appreciate it. Anyone?

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