Well, I finally did it.

I did not talk myself out of working out last night.  Every fibre of my being tried, but I have 32 days left until it’s bikini time…and really…I have no room left to change my mind.

Procrastination is not my friend.

If I have done my calculations correctly, it seems I have been a couch potato for approximately 2 months.  

Two months!!!

My how time flies by when you are procrastinating.

So I got home last night and went straight to the dvd player and turned it on.  It didn’t work.  Somewhere inside my fat self I breathed a sigh of relief and looked forward to throwing on my fat pants.

No worries, Elle Bee to the rescue once again (pffft)

She fixed it….and suddenly I had no excuse left.

I sucked it up and got into my work out gear.
My intentions were to do the full work out.  I only managed half.

I am not going to beat myself up over that though, considering it’s been about 2 months, my body is all new to this.

Tonight…I will try again.

Either way…a little bit of working out is better than no working out at all right?

I heard somewhere that muscle has memory.  So why do my muscles seem to forget how much they hurt when I first started working out?
I do not need this kind of painful reminder!!!

Meh, s’ok…I’m kinda weird that way.  I like the pain.  Makes me feel accomplished you know?

No pain no gain….

32 days until bikini time.  I am not quitting now.

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