good intentions

I am full of ‘em.

I was supposed to start working out on Monday. I say “start” because apparently my body preferred to do anything but work out this past month.
I guess it figured it was eating healthy…and that I could slack.
I must say, I got home on Monday after work and immediately turned on my dvd and was ready to go. The dvd wasn’t working. I fiddled with it abit and nothing. I really didn’t try that hard. So instead of getting into my work out clothes…I grabbed my comfies and threw ‘em on. Elle Bee came to my rescue and fixed it…so there was no reason I couldn’t give it a go on Tuesday.
During the day I am totally pumped and can’t wait to get home and work out. Come 3 o’clock it’s a totally different story. I have hit my wall…and all I want is my bed. During the drive home I successfully talk myself out of all of the reasons why I should…and by the time I get home, all the reasons I shouldn’t work out make sense. Lol
Talk about self sabotage.
I’ve been tired these past couple of days…you know…girly reasons. So that is my excuse for this week.

But I gotta get off my ass (literally)

On Monday I finally booked my trip!!! Yes I did!! There is no turning back now. In just over a month I will be frolicking on white sand, and dipping my bikini clad body in the ocean water. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity…literally. I will never have this opportunity again…and so…this means the world to me. Besides…I really need a vacation.
So you would think this is motivation enough right? I thought so too. So why am I still sitting on my ass.
I mean I am eating very clean…I have no cravings for crap at all…although I would give my first born child for just one sweet and spicy thai stirfry. Sigh.
But I digress.
I am doing good. I am doing really good actually. I have lost quite a bit of weight and am feeling much better about myself. However, I am not 17 anymore…hell I am not 25 anymore. My body needs more attention and work.

So my goal is to feel confidant in a bikini. I have just over a month to tone it up. Is it even possible? Well, I am not going to sit on my butt and think about it. I am going to do it.
Not for anyone else but me.
I am gonna rock a bikini…watch me!

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