rock bottom

A couple months ago I was over at a friends place for dinner.  I had rushed home from my parents place to get there on time.

Coming from a European family (of the plate breaking variety) that loves to feed people they love….you can imagine what I ate all weekend.

Sitting at the dining room table at my friends place, I was feeling like death.  I was in some extreme pain, had the sweats and the shakes.

Good times.

This was nothing new….i was feeling like this on a daily basis.

I can only compare it to an addict.  You know exactly what it is that is making you feel like crap…but you do it any way.  The taste is worth the hell afterwards.

I have food intolerances.  What some can eat…I certainly should not.  I know this.  I am smart enough to understand my body and what it is screaming at me…but for a good year I just decided to ignore it.

So…back to the dining room table.  I was staring at this beautiful lasagna.  I was trying to be polite and eat, but I just had no energy.  I felt like crap and really…I just wanted to pass out.  I actually just wanted to crawl into a deep dark hole and die.

And that’s when it was decided. Someone else decided I hit my rock bottom. Elle bee looked over at me and told me I needed to change my eating habits.  Starting tomorrow she said…it would be a whole new food world.

Half dead at the table I  tried arguing with her.  I didn’t have to change…I didn’t want to change.

Imagine!!!  Me, resisting change.

So my mind was made up for me.  I was choiceless.

I’d love to say it was me that put my own foot down…but someone else took control…and I am so grateful that she did.

It’s been almost 9 weeks now.  Actually 60 days (but whose counting lol)

9 weeks of “clean” eating.  9 weeks of no pain, sickness, shakes and sweats.

9 weeks of a shrinking bee…a better bee…a bee-utiful bee

That’s me 🙂

I have a lot to say about losing weight, being healthy, feeling good. ( I have a lot to say about everything …but we will just stick to the food on this blog lol)

For all my thoughts about everything else in the world…you know where to find me

So, welcome to losing bee…you’ll be seeing less and less of me!

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